Content marketing managers deserve better tools.

In between creating beautiful content, there are a lot of mundane, yet critical tasks that take you away from creating.

Ripley transforms the entire process, helping you make higher quality, better performing content in less time.

Ripley is a framework that allows your team to keep collaborating in Google Docs, while Ripley seamlessly performs tasks such as SEO analysis, CMS upload and Google Analytics performance tracking.

Your team can get up and running in a matter of minutes because their creative process stays in the Google Tools they already love.

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Here's how we improve your performance:

See SEO scoring in real-time

Now your writers don’t need to rely on your SEO expert to assess their writing. Our built in tool allows you to see in real-time how your article ranks on a range of SEO factors.

Cut down the back & forth

If we can soon visit Mars, why can’t a deadline automatically post to your calendar (or remind Karen every morning that her assignment is due Friday)? Ripley automates all those pesky bang-your-head-against-the-wall tasks so you can focus on creating.

Organize everything outside spreadsheets

Planning your content calendar and tracking performance in spreadsheets is annoying and tedious. Finally you can manage everything in a simple GANTT chart, directly connected to each task’s corresponding document.

Upload to Wordpress in 5 seconds

That’s right, you can put everything into a Google Doc and with the click of a button, Ripley will upload all your images, alt text, article copy, and links into Wordpress, saving you HOURS.

Easily assess the ROI of your content

Sometimes looking at Google Analytics is like entering the Upside Down. Ripley’s so intuitive, your grandfather can tell you how many conversions your article got in the past month (and oh boy, he’d be proud).

Ripley Google DocsRipley Google DocsRipley Google Docs
Ripley Collaboration Tool

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What's so great about Ripley?

✅ Real-Time SEO Scoring
✅ GANTT Chart Integration
✅ Automated Reminders
✅ Easy Google Analytics Tracking
✅ Workspace Hubs
✅ Workstream Templates
✅ Google Calendar Sync

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Organizational Needs

  1.  Google Calendar GANTT Chart Integration: Get a birds-eye view of what's on your plate IN ONE PLACE
  2. Automated Reminders: Your team will get their tasks for the day delivered in ONE EMAIL every morning with their morning coffee
  3. Workspace Hubs: Each team/project has its own place to track progress while still integrating into ONE GANTT Chart with other project timelines.
  4. Planning Templates: Nervous to get started? We've partnered with experts to make Ripley Workspaces designed for your every need.

Analytics Needs

  1. Google Analytics Tracking Made Easy: Now you can track each article's performance without ever opening Google Analytics
  2. Real-Time SEO Scoring: Writers can see the quality of their SEO-copywriting while they're typing
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Ripley is committed to helping content marketers and businesses of all sizes. That's why Ripley Startup will always remain free. For more features, analytics and extended workspaces, upgrade to Ripley Pro.

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$0 / Month per user
Automated Reminders
3 Workspace Hubs
Up to 2 Users Per Workspace
Workspace Templates
Google Calendar Sync



$15 / Month per user
Unlimited Workspaces
Unlimited Documents
Up to 30 Users per Workspace
Real-Time SEO Scoring
Easy Google Analytics Tracking
Custom Team Templates
GANTT Chart Integration


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